Month: May 2015


The last year has been a roller coaster. It has been so long since I have bothered to come here and put down thoughts, rants, anything to stimulate my writing bug. It has been so long that I fear my domain may have expired. For all I know you, dear reader, cannot even see this post.

Part of the time passed has involved my return to higher education. I have decided to pursue additional school learnins and make my way on the medical school. I expect to be a success in my endeavor, I expect to be a colossal failure. The other reason for my disappearance was tragedy within The Foundation. One from which I may never recover, but rather adapt to and move on. Evolution, baby.

Now the question is where to proceed. How to proceed. When, how, and why to proceed. Yeah, that was a billion questions, but that is the nature of beast. Stay tuned.