“The Brotherhood of the Dwarves” or How in the Hell Did I Come to Enjoy a Fantasy Novel?!

Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of fantasy literature. I read that whole “Lord of the Rings” business and many years later, I saw the movies. It is really a terrible thing, in my opinion, when one can say that one prefers a movie to a book, but that was the case with Tolkein’s epic saga. Although I was disappointed that Tom What’s his name was not in the book, and extremely disappointed at the lack of Ents, I still preferred to have my ADD indulged by watching the book unfold rather than having my OCD dictate that I finish a book that I was clearly not enjoying. Basically, I am a Science Fiction oriented person. Give me technology, mutants, and aliens over wizards, orcs, gnomes and what have you anytime. Whenever I have to read or watch anything fantasy based, I assume that I will have to force myself to finish the item and be left feeling treacherous and perhaps a bit dirty. I expected the same with D.A. Adams‘ epic saga: “The Brotherhood of the Dwarves.” I expected to be able to say to Mr. A: “I read your books. They were well written.” And that would be that. The series thus far (more on that at the end) is three books: “The Brotherhood of the Dwarves,”  “Red Sky at Dawn,” and “The Fall of Dorkhun.” While I will be bitching about book three at the end of this entry, I should have guessed by the title that there would be more to come. Shame on my for not paying attention, good on D.A. for dropping a tease.

Molgheon. She does not have a beard. I would not give her shit about that. Really.

To be completely honest, I subscribed to Mr. Adams’ blog, and made the decision to read the books based on the fact that he appears to be a pleasant and decently put together fellow. Never mind that I do not like dwarves. I have never met any dwarves in person, and the only image I really have of them come from Snow White, the little people that show up on television from time-to-time, or the little red one from “Twin Peaks” (whom was a badass, a little person I could respect). I did not care too much for Gimli (sp?) and in general have a near fear of people who look as if they are heads that just happened to grow bodies underneath them. So, with my prejudices against dwarves and fantasy intact, I went to Amazon, got the books and downloaded them to my iPhone. I did the above expecting to read and finish one of them because my OCD forced me to, not because I found them interesting.

Well, in a rare occurrence, I was horribly mistaken. I read book one, and found myself starting book two immediately. Yes, this surprised me a great deal. For one, I was actually enjoying the story, and for two, I was awaiting more and wanting to read on. Basically, the story goes this way. Dwarf (Roskin) is heir to dwarven kingdom. Dwarf takes adventure. Dwarf meets other badass dwarves and a human (who had a reputation, a scary one) proceed to kick ass. The premise of the series is an interesting one, in order to ascend the throne, Roskin (our hero) takes on a quest that will serve to enrich him and prepare him for the throne. While journeying, Roskin meets a friends, almost gets killed, meets allies, and shows that his beard is long, strong, and pretty fucking hardcore. Now, I am doing D.A. (may I call you D.A? No matter, my blog, my rules), a great disservice. I should be saying a bit more about the book(s) other than what I have said. But I do not want to spoil anything by giving out too many details. Okay, I will say this, a lot of orcs get their asses handed to them, and the dwarves taunt each other by implying that they do not have sufficient beard to be hardcore. Think of it is being told that you do not have the cajones for something, only when it is a beard directed insult toward a dwarf, you would be better off trying to touch a samurai’s katana.

Author D.A. Adams. He has the beard for writing. I have the beard for a second act of copyright infringement.

I am not sure how long these books actually are. Books on the iPhone are either shorter than most other books, or I just happened to enjoy these particular books a great deal and therefore read them quickly. Whatever the case, I was thoroughly surprised to find myself not only reading the first book, but eagerly reading the second, and then the third. The third book in the series, was intense. There was war. There was a reunion. Then there was the last page. And here is where I have to give Mr. D to the izz-A a piece of my mind. Why? Because what I thought was a trilogy is apparently not one. There is more to come. And at this time, he claims he is in the process of writing it. Well, I trust him and hope that soon I will be able to find out what has become of Roskin, Bordorn, Evil Blade, and that sexy arrow-toting elf in the picture above. Not to mention the ogre Vishghu, who was probably my favorite character. While she is a supporting character, I really think that this series would have been a bust without her. Sorry, Mr. Adams, but it would be akin to Harry Potter without Neville (My opinion. Remember, my blog. My rules.)

In sum, kudos, Mr. Adams. You may have given me an appreciation for the fantasy genre. Something that legions of gamers and Tolkien fed fiends have tried to do and failed miserably. I eagerly await the next book. I understand that art takes time, just do not take too long sir, my beard is not the most patient one in the world.



  1. Xavier, thank you for the kind words. The rough draft of book four is complete, and I’m in the process of editing it. Shooting for a late November release.

    I’m humbled that you enjoyed the books so far. That means a lot, more than I can express here. It’s been a pleasure to get to know you these last couple of years. Much brotherly love for you here in Tennessee.


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