Beware the Ides of March

There was once a time where man’s only concern was walking into a Senate Chamber and wondering why sixty of your chums were now stabbing you in the back. Literally. Fortunately, it was not really much of a concern to others unless they also happened to be Roman “dictators” whom had sixty disgruntled Senators (now former friends) lying in wait in a government office with steely knives and murderous intent.

How times have changed!

If you happen to associate with me via any other social networking site, you will have noticed my placing the same soothsayer’s warning on those pages. Status messages. Tweets. Billboards in Times Square and tattooed to pre-tossed dwarves in Las Vegas. All places carried the same warning for all to be wary of this fifteenth day of March.

All places carried this warning in vain. I am certain that most people were not very ware this Ides. I am even more certain that most people that may have read my “warning” (and most Americans) have no idea where that warning comes from. Hell, most adults I have come into contact with lately only know Caesar in terms of pizza and salad. One such person was that elderly gentleman who decided that it was his moral right to turn his wheeled boat out in front of me like he was rushing to the hospital to give birth, only to proceed to drive and swerve in front of me at a very slow speed. I could tell by the confused look on his little wrinkled face as his eyes passed from his blown tires to me, Glock waving out of my window as I shouted “Beware the Ides of March.”

Normally, I would be extremely annoyed with what I may have perceived as literary ignorance. Truth be told, the old man was most likely wondering why no one had come to arrest my tire-shooting ass. He should have paid more attention when Samurai City called for the vote on what The Foundation would consider defense of one’s home and person… However, such ignorance is beneficial on several levels.

The most important of these levels is the ability the knowledgeable have over those who are not so knowledgeable. Sure, information may be power, but literary information is the ultimate power. Armed with such teeth, a body can add a steady stream of insults, innuendoes and other clever Bon mots and your target is none-the-wiser. There is a reason Dubya never challenged people to battles of wits…

Where is this going? I have no clue. But what I do know is that the one thing that I have consistently done when it comes to writing is write a blog every March Fifteenth. And to this day, I have managed to keep my tradition.


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