A Plague Upon My House

Ugh! I am now into day two of some horrid plague that has me trapped on a sofa during the day, and not sleeping at night due to fever, chills, and sweats. Yes, I know the details are gross, and probably too much information, but it is the truth and the current state of your beloved Xavier.

I actually tried going into the office today. That was probably a big mistake. Sitting upright made me queasy and extremely dizzy. Fortunately, I was able to sneak away and lay down for a few minutes. Unfortunately, I lost my treasured 8-Ball Zippo somehow. Add depression to feeling ill. The depression was alleviated thanks to a special friend who found said Zippo, and promptly let me know that it had been found and secured.

I have been in the process of composing a lovely telling of my adventure in “camping” from last week. I shall have to delay this entry once more as sitting up and using my laptop is no fun at all. I could try to finish the tale using my wondeful iPhone, but that is not going to work thanks to my having pictures to go with the blog, and OCD dictating that the entry must have a proper format.

C’est la vie…

So, now I shall return to that place somewhere between sleep and awake that I have been hovering for what seems like forever, and hopefully, be back to my abnormal self on the morrow.




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