Big & Beautiful at the Strip Club, Shopping, and Tonight on Darkside Radio

The Octopus waves, beckons you to enjoy the show.

Octopus says: "Dance with the Green Faery!"

Greetings and Salutations! Tonight marks a momentous night for yours truly. It is the night after I went out to a local strip club with my dearest of dears, Charlotte. We happened to go on a night that was a feature evening: “Big and Beautiful Night.” The theme was big women, all amateurs, shaking it and getting naked for a chance to win a cool one thousand dollars.

What makes the night after such an even momentous? Very simple, I was both inspired and impressed by the fact that many of the entertainers last night danced to songs that one may hear some night if tuned into Darkside Radio. I am always pleased to see Gothic-Industrial-EBM strippers. Believe it or not, goth chicks have curves, only the males of our species tend to the skinny, waifish side of life…

But I digress… Before I get into the schedule of artists to be featured on Darkside Radio with DJ Xavier, let me give you a brief rundown of the events from last night. These will be highlights, people, a blog about the experience may come later. It may not even be necessary.

  1. Instead of just having the BBW’s dance and strip, the girls had to endure three “events.” The third event, was the actual dancing, the first two events were 1) Topless Jump-roping, and 2) Naked Hula Hooping.
  2. During the hula hoop event, one girl fell off of the stage, and onto a customer sitting in the audience.
  3. One girl danced one entire song, and most of second, before pulling a lollipop out of her, we you know…
  4. Not to be outdone by the “Crouching BBW, Hidden Lollipop” that came before her, the next contestant appeared with a giant lollipop shaped like a cock and began to get herself off with it. Really! She was going to town.

And there you have a brief rundown of what happened last night at the titty bar. Believe it or not, that is the first time that I have used the phrase “titty bar.” And in print! I feel lecherous.

I went shopping earlier today and bought a couple of new suits, a coat, and a top coat. Why is this important? Well, dear readers, the suit shopping marks another milestone in the life of Xavier A.S. Rothechilde: one of the suits is actually sort of navy blue. Yes! It is true! The X man has actually purchased a suit that was not black! “It’s the end of the world as we know it…” Further, I did not purchase a white shirt. I bought a blue shirt and a brownish one, and even a gold-ish colored tie. I bought clothing that has color!!! Not that there is anything wrong with that. There will be more to this tale as well. In fact, between the strip club and the shopping, I think I may have a total blog entry.

Well, I have gone on for quite enough time about stuff and should get on with the other purpose of this entry: the artist who will be providing the rhythm for the gothic dance with the Green Faery. Grab your absinthe, sugar and ice water, it is almost time.

To listen, tune to at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (US).


Tonight’s Featured Artists (Subject To Change)

Cocteau Twins

Joy Division


Siouxsie and the Banshees

Leonard Cohen

Nouvelle Vague

Tre Lux

Gerard McMann

Talking Heads

Sonic Youth

Dead Kennedys

Type O Negative

The Cure

Depeche Mode

Switchblade Symphony

The Gothacoustic Ensemble


Lacuna Coil

Nine Inch Nails

Mindless Self Indulgence

Ministry & Co-Conspirators


The Koffin Kats

That Handsome Devil

The Smithereens

Snake River Conspiracy

The Smiths


Johnny Cash

Dead Can Dance

So, tune in tonight and enjoy the program. If you have Twitter, @XRothechilde and @Darksideradio give song-to-song updates during the show.

Commercials are from: “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” and “Grand Theft Auto IV”

Promotion spots for DJ Xavier produced and Created by: DJ Mirage, Ethermagus, and DJ Parallax



  1. I hate the term BBW. It just…reminds me of big fat ladies with cankles that overhang their shoes. It’s like there is no middle ground. There needs to be an inbetween term. I mean there is, but the enormous people still steal them and use them for themselves. I can’t say I’m curvy, although it is true, because that’s what really huge ladies say about themselves to make themselves feel good. Aaaaanyway….

    I love strip clubs, as you know. However, I don’t find that appealing.. the lollipop action. Either of it, really. I mean I would, in private. I don’t like the idea of watching all of THAT with a bunch of strangers. But I am the type of person who finds it inappropriate for people to dress slutty in public but also who doesn’t mind them being naked on a stage or my lap. So obviously I’m insane lol.

    Every time I read “top coat” I think it’s “top hat”. I still think you need one. And an ascot. I know I said cravat, but I meant ascot. I get them confused. And a walking stick to hit whatever poor pitiful creature isn’t up to snuff.

      1. I don’t know…maybe? You’d have to try them on and see. Is there a place that sells them that you could go to? I thought you didn’t like my reply because it never showed up 😦 Lol.

      2. Which reply? I bet if I read what you were now replying to, then I could figure that out on my own. However I am lazy and trying to get into the habit of writing and not reading so I have to ask which reply. Whew! That was a long bit of rambling on…

        I must add, that if it is the reply that you asked me not to post because you felt it too long, then I still have it; just not posted. I can change that if you would like. I appreciated it very much.

  2. What? Lol. No, not that one. The one up there… my comment on this blog. It was pending for like ever. It really does not matter now at all, so don’t worry about it.

      1. Well if anyone thinks that, then send them to me and I will set them right. I will also box their ears for good measure.

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