Hooray for WordPress!!!

When I awoke this morning, I turned the television on and as usual, watched reruns of “Married With Children” while enjoying a cigarette and some coffee. After a few episodes, I turned to “Good Morning America” in order to avoid the torture of enduring Tim Allen on “Home Improvement.” But, I digress…

On “GMA,” a story came on discussing various websites that have “blacked out part of their site in order to protest the US Congress’ promotion of SOPA. Apparently, the bill is designed to protect people like Disney, and others, from having their wares illegally shared/downloaded from sites that encourage such piratical behavior. So, to protest such activities some sites blacked out parts of their sites.

Which brings me to my kudos for WordPress. As a staunch supporter of anti-censorship, I was happy to see that WordPress had blacked out sections and took a stand against censorship…and against some of the horrid images that happen to come up and frighten me from time-to-time. Good job, WordPress, you have stricken a blow for the right of a free and uncensored internet, and saved many from overdosing on too many cutesy images of clouds, lakes, and sappy little cute sayings.

Granted, this is a half-assed hack job, but I am not fully focused on writing at this time and ask for your indulgence and patience. I assure you that something more full-assed is on the horizon, stay tuned.

Betty White is turning ninety. Or has turned ninety. Either way, it is hard to believe. President Obama has trouble believing this as well. See for yourself.

Well, that will do for now. A short entry, to get myself back on task.



  1. I kind of liked the day of censorship as a wake-up call for those of us who take freedom of speech for granted. While I’m against piracy, that bill gives the government too much power to censor. I get your point, but I liked the way different companies handled the blackout in different ways. WordPress should not have blacked out all the blogs. They should have posted a few satirical pieces praising the government for “protecting” us.

    1. I agree with you, at least they should have given the option to participate in such a “protest.” However, I was surprised when I saw the blacked out blogs and almost outraged to think that I was not going to be able to have access to my own blog, let alone read the words of friends, colleagues and favorites. Seeing that they were staging a protest made me think a little longer about what exactly it could mean if we allow the ugly hand of government censorship reach out and grab us all by whatever we can have grabbed as nards. At least, it made some people realize that the only people who care to not be censored are not just in it for the porn.

      At least not all of the time… 🙂

  2. I found that wonderful as well. God knows the tripe I have to look at when I log on here. It’s enough to make me vomit or start thinking everyone but me waxes poetic about kids and taking a walk. I can’t get started on SOPA, I get too angry and annoyed. I enjoy being a pirate. And god knows what it would do to the free porn sites. I shudder to think. I’ll have to move to Canada because I refuse to live in a country with no free porn. Canadian porn though, I don’t know how great that would be. I feel like there would be constant Bare Naked Ladies music playing in the background. And that is just not a turn on.

    Betty White is pretty fucking awesome. Even I am not sick of her, even with every dumbass celebrity out there talking about her and the fact that she is everywhere. She’s my type of broad. She loves animals and never had any kids. She is just pretty cool. I hope I’m that cool when I’m 90. Of course, I’m not that cool now though.

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