Missouri Loves Company

This post has nothing to do with the state of Missouri. At least I am not planning for it to have anything to do with the state of Missouri. To be completely honest, I have no idea where this blog entry is going, what the intent of this entry may be, why I decided to write this item, nor whether I will publish this article or not.

Before I go any further I have a question for any professional bloggers, internet geeks, and/or language freaks. I know that this whole deal that I am writing here on WordPress is a blog, but what do I call each blog entry? I mean, I switched between “entry” and “blog entry” above to see which one felt better. One seemed a bit long and dorky, the other seemed a bit clerical. Either way, the whole pseudo-alliterative, redundancy of that started to really annoy me. So, I switched to item, which seemed too short. Then I tried article, which, for reasons that elude me, does not seem to apply.

Earlier today, I was on my way to a local college where I am taking a nutrition class. With the mild temperature, sun and cloudless sky, it was shaping to be a pleasurable motorcycling experience. I would call it fahrvergnügen, only my motorcycle is Japanese…and not a car (however, there is an ironic “Axis” relationship here…). Anyway, I came to this intersection which is a four-way stop. As I began to cross the intersection, the horrible excuse for a bitch just turned out in front of me. She was just chatting away on her cell phone, not paying any attention to anything around her. Maybe it is the low profile of the motorcycle. Maybe she was just too concerned with her phone and where she had to go to think that she could have killed a person who was not paying attention. Whatever the case, I have learned to be even more attentive when out riding. It is a strange thing, it is: what you gain in freedom while riding in the open air, you almost have to surrender to paranoia regarding the big things in that open air being driven by people not in the same air.

The Republican party is complaining again. They are saying that this new proposal from President Obama is class warfare on the rich. Now, it is this sort of lunacy that drove me from my gun-toting, wealthy brethren long ago in favor of using my own clout to affect the local politics in my area to suit the Foundation’s and the Rothechilde Estate and Orchards benefit. I grew tired of the hypocrisy that they are spewing on near elephant projectile vomit proportions! They are crying class warfare because they are being asked to pay a little bit more in taxes. But, cutting social programs that benefit the poor is not? And, cutting funding for the public schools (which is where the poor tend to go to school if they want an education) is not? Smashing the unions, sending the “unfortunate sons” to war in foreign lands is not? Wow. I guess I understand. When it involves asking the rich for more, then it is class warfare. When it involves asking the poor and middle class to pay all, then it is sound economic policy. Jeez. That poor little picked on one percent of the population who has all of the cash better hope that the poor do not start listening to what dear old Jim Morrison said: “…they got the guns, but we got the numbers…”



  1. This is what makes me disrespect and not even take seriously the opinions of a Republican. I mean, it’s childish and makes no sense. What is the point in even dealing with them? I don’t even know what they’re thinking anymore. I can at least respect an opinion or stand on something different than mine if I can at least understand it, or it at least makes some sort of sense to the person as far as their opinions and beliefs goes. But this is just contrary nonsense.

    Yes, be careful! I almost hit someone on a bike the other day, but it was a bicycle and he was riding the wrong way up the middle lane of a three lane highway. If someone is doing that, I think we should have the right to TRY to hit them.

    1. I cannot even pretend to understand the GOP anymore. I mean, now the call is to tax people with no incomes or live below the poverty line. What? Should we take a few slats from the barrels they wear as clothing? Perhaps we could steal the straps they are using to hold up said barrels, they do still have hands.

      I agree with your assessment of being allowed to run-down stupid people using transportation stupidly. The only problem is that we legislate protections for the stupid.

      1. How dare we take money from the rich to help dig our way out of the country’s debt! I mean it’s not like they live here and enjoy all the things this country has to offer or anything. They can shine it up all they want and put whatever spin on it they want, it still boils down to them being greedy bastards.

  2. I found that when I was riding a motorcycle at lot of times a car would come to an intersection and look both ways and put out in front of me. People seem to think if you’re not a car coming down the road, then it’s all right to pull out. I’ve often felt invisible on my bike.

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