Finally! The Motorcycle Saga Comes to A Pleasant Point

Yesterday, was a milestone in my struggle with my new motorcycle. I actually took a few spins up and down the drive of the Rothechilde Estates. It was a fun and exhilarating experience, even though I only traveled a few yards.

Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself. Where I should be going is that the leak that was plaguing me and preventing my fun with the new bike was finally fixed, the bike was registered, and it was ready for a ride. I went out and bought a new helmet. The helmet search was difficult. The volume of my dreads demands a larger helmet. The idea that standing at five foot six inches and needing a double-extra large helmet to accomodate my hair was a bit…displeasing. However, I was able to allleviate myself from the worry of looking like a lollipop of deranged Power Ranger bobble-head by getting a “brain bucket” with a drop down visor that stops at the bridge of my nose. That is a good thing as my vanity and fashion sense were not the only considerations for the helmet: my claustrophobic tendencies make the use of a full head covering not only impossible for me, but cause considerable anxiety.

So, new helmet in hand, I went for a ride yesterday (well, now it would be the day before). I had gone on one a week before using a borrowed helmet and almost crashed into a neighbor’s house (I managed to stay in control and not crash and burn myself or my neighbor’s dwelling). The second ride went much better…until the clutch went stupid. It got stuck in gear on me and I managed to finagle it back into first so I could make it back to the Estate, and then in neutral when arriving back at my residence. Murphy, my chief mechanic took the bike for a shakedown and declared that the clutch mechanism was acting hooky. He removed the cover, cleaned the mechanism, oiled the beast, and reassembled. It worked! With the clutch working, I took the bike on a longer ride. This time, I traveled close to one hundred yards. However, instead of hitting the streets, I took a ride along the dirt trails in the orchards and vineyards. I rode for about ten minutes, parked and took a break for the night.

Today (now yesterday, technically) I went for a longer ride. This time I had Murphy haul the bike to Samurai City and took a cruise around. This time, the ride was much better. Unlike my last couple of rides where I pretty much stayed in first gear, this time I tried shifting. While I am not sure that I got it right, I did manage to accelerate to forty miles per hour. Also, I took to the main roads and had a decent forty-five minute trip. I only stalled out three times, and managed to keep my head and handle it with minimal stress.

All-in-all, I would say that I am enjoying this experience a great deal, and cannot wait to figure out exactly what I am doing when I am supposed to be shifting. Perhaps, when I go out tomorrow, I can get that down a bit better. Hell, I may even have Murphy set some cones up for me to drive through…



  1. This post brings back some of the intense experiences I’ve had with my motorcycle. I remember coming up from Florida running on the interstate and having trouble with the carborator. That night I camped out in a field and was worried that the dam thing wouldn’t start in the morning and was trying to figure out what I was going to do. Finally the only way I could stop worrying and fall asleep was when I decided to leave the bike right there in the field and thumb the rest of the way to Massachusetts. But in the morning it did start, only I had to go at a slower speed because the carborator needed cleaning. I found it very difficult to find somebody to work on a motorcycle. You’re really lucky to have your own guy.

    1. Unfortunately, I am that guy (sorry, mate…this is probably the only time in this blog that I will break the fourth wall). I am enjoying this new adventure. Hopefully, this bike will not be like a tattoo. After I got my first one, I got “the itch” and needed a couple more of them. A motorcycle itch could get pretty expensive.

      1. I’m going to take a picture of myself making a sad face and post it or send it any time I need it. But, I’m not pressing the issue since I’ll see it in person soon enough.

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