Last Friday Night

Last week was a strange, hectic week. A good person passed from this world and last week was a time of preparing for and attending memorial services and a funeral. This week, last week is still showing its face, but all is settling a bit.

Last Friday night marked the end of the week and the folks around me involved finally got to “crash.” By crash I mean sit and rest and fall asleep. However, I could not last Friday. I had not planned on going out anywhere. I had planned to stay in for the evening, maybe watch wrestling (yes, I do follow the WWE a bit) or finally get back to trying to achieve one hundred percent completion of “L.A. Noire” after having a bit of a training session. While I was doing a bit of shadow boxing, I received a text on my iPhone that was really a message from Facebook telling me that a friend of mine was working at a local coffee shop and wanted people to visit, buy a coffee, and leave him a tip. Hmmm.., I thought, I could go out for a coffee after SmackDown, after I have completed my workout for the night.

So, SmackDown went off, and I got distracted for about an hour and by the time I decided to go and have a coffee, I discovered that I would not have time to change out of my workout pants and sleeveless, aeroline shirt. I was not dressed to go out for the evening. However, I was just going out for a coffee so I through on a hoodie and my running shoes and went out to the coffee house.

I went in and got a coffee and a brownie. Since the crowd inside the place was annoying this night, I decided to take the goodies back to my place, and enjoy them in peace. However, this coffee house is down the street from one of Manthony’s clubs and he was sitting outside of it and waved me over. I walked over and began to enjoy my treats as we stood outside and chatted.

He suggested that I come inside for a bit, they were having a Drag Show and I might enjoy it for a bit. I pointed out that I was looking rather sportish and not suitably attired for evening at the club. Yet, a friend of ours, who was outside smoking a clove since the state of Michigan stripped smoking from bars, suggested that I looked great and suggested that I come in for a drink. Since it was a good friend, and she looked absolutely delicious, I decided to go in and have one drink with her and take in a bit of the show.

I am happy that I went into the club! I was immediately greeted with the sound of a familiar voice: the emcee for this Drag Show was my favorite Drag Queen: Alexa. I had not seen her in about seven years. I ordered a Woodchuck Ale (I was not dressed for public absinthe consumption), and watched Alexa from a table near the entrance where Manthony was letting people in, or having them thrown out.

After watching the show for a few, I decided that I should venture homeward (is it weird that being around Drag Queens made me feel under dressed?), and I went outside to say my “see you laters” to Manthony, who was now sitting outside on the steps of the bar with a skinny blonde. Manthony was waiting for a limousine to arrive that was transporting a bachelor or bachelorette party or something of that nature. The skinny blonde was smoking a Marlboro Light.

Skinny Blonde was pretty tipsy and flirtatious. She was trying to remember Manthony’s name (he had already told her the name several times), and was wondering why he said that his name contained body parts. She was rather elated when he said there was a “toe” and a “knee” in his name, but the elation fell because neither of the names were of “naughty body parts.” That is when I told her that his last name was “Boobpenis.”

She then noticed that I was there and asked me what my name was:

Manthony: I told you that his name was Xavier.

Me: My name is Manthony.

Skinny Blonde: Another Boobpenis?! How many of you are there in this town?!

Me: No, my name is Xavier. I was just pulling on your leg.

Skinny Blonde: Be nice to me, I’m pretty drunk and not from around here. I’m here with her over there, she’s my friend.

SB was not from Samurai City and had come here to hang out with a girlfriend of hers. Apparently, she is in the midst of as divorce, and was not opposed to being friendly and flirtatious. Amusing as she was, I was on my way back to my place and said so to Manthony and SB.

Manthony: See you later. Here’s my limo, I need to let people in.

Me: See you later.

SB: Xavier, you should come in and dance with me.

Me: I would love to, but I have to leave. Besides, I am really not dressed for the bar.

SB: No, you don’t have to leave. You just don’t like me because I’m a skinny white girl with no ass. You look fine, I like the sport-look.

Me: You have been sitting the whole time, I have no idea of your ass or lack thereof. Actually, I find you rather interesting and would dance if I did not have to be on my way. The next time you are out, have Manthony ring me up and I shall come out and give you a dance.

SB: I can give you my cell phone number, you should call me. Just don’t call when my boyfriend is home!

Me: How in the Hell am I supposed to know that?

With that, Skinny Blonde gave me her digits and I walked her back inside the club to where her friend was standing. I advised her friend that SB probably did not need anymore drinks, and that it was nice to meet the two of them. Then I left and headed on my way back to my Samurai City digs.

And so ended another week in Samurai City.




    1. She was attractive, however, she was drunk and to me, there is no fun is being with people if they are not going to be able to appreciate it as well. Sure she’s a big girl and responsible for her own actions, but so am I. I truly believe that I have a moral obligation not to take advantage of people. Had she been sober, or even perhaps tipsy enough that she appeared to be able to make an informed consent, then things may have been different.

      Yes, I guess down deep somewhere I am a nice guy. Which kind of sucks, the world punishes the nice it seems.

  1. I hope that above only applies to people you don’t know, Because you if you overtly polite to me while I’m drunk I’m going to be severely disappointed as I would be willing to do just the same things sober, although maybe not as forward about it. Lol!

    Anyway…her suggesting that you don’t like her because she is a skinny white girl with no ass really had me rolling, as did “not dressed for absinthe consumption”. You’re something else dear Xavier. And yes, drag queens making you feel underdressed makes sense to me. They always make me feel extremely non-girly and butch even though I am neither one.

    I miss Manthony from my Myspace…

    1. Of course that does not apply to you, but we already have an understanding, dear Sister Constance. I would never be overly polite to you; besides, I left out my general snarkiness to make myself seem a bit more palatable for human consumption. No, I did not do that. I was not dressed for snarky sarcasm either.

      I usually feel dressed properly around the queens, but I was looking rather sportish and not like I was supposed to be at a club. If it were not a drag show, I would not have been so self-conscious; hetero- non-drag types lack the skills at cutting a body to pieces verbally that the queens have mastered so awesomely. My favorite skinny white girl has a bit of a “donk” to her, so she was not off by her ass being a bit small, but that has never been a deterrent in the past for me (I am not Sir Mix-A-Lot, but I do like some bootie!).

      Manthony is still lurking about; I believe he even reads this blog from time-to-time. However, he may not have wanted to establish an account (he may not realize that he does not have to do so). I believe that the real deal is that he is loving the road a lot these days. He got a motorcycle and has been roaming a bit like he is born to be wild or something.

  2. I remember SB… she was walking that I’m an annoying drunk line pretty well.. I’m not so impressed you got her digits and I did not.. lol

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