This past week has been a real roller coaster for me. I have been both busy and not busy, annoyed and not annoyed. For the most part, the days rolled by pretty swiftly, but I still had my random bouts of being annoyed and irritated.

Irritation Number One: There is nothing more annoying to me than to have someone talking over me. Apparently, others have discovered that this is a pet peeve of mine and are doing all that they can to get on my last frayed nerve. Really. Is it that hard to respect someone when they are trying to get out a few words? If you really do not care to hear what I have to say, then just quietly ignore me. There really is no reason to stop talking louder and louder because you want to be heard over everything and everyone else.

Irritation Number Two: My motorcycle.

Irritation Number Three: Casey Anthony. I am really tired of hearing about her over and over. We get it, there was allegedly a gross miscarriage of justice regarding her trial and non-conviction. Yet, this is the result one gets for holding a trial in the media and coming to a verdict before the trial is settled. If you were not present in the courtroom, how can you say what is guilty and what is not? The hating needs to be directed away from Anthony and towards the prosecution who must have botched this case if the chica is guilty of killing her daughter. Oops. Did I say “if she is guilty?” Apologies, C.A, there is no if, your peers declared you not guilty…

Irritation Number Four: My Ni Dan belt. It is supposed to be black. The problem: it has turned green from my tying and untying it. The makers of this particular brand of martial arts belt decided that it was a better idea to cover a green belt with a layer of black cloth. This was not a good idea. My belt has turned from black to green, with the only indication of my rank being the kanji embroidered on the belt. While this situation is annoying, it is not enough for me to order a new belt, I know my rank; the deal is that I am sick of explaining it to newbies.

Irritation Number Five: Internet shopping is anal rape. It really is! I needed to order a two dollar part to repair the oil leak in my motorcycle. The shipping for the part was three times the cost of the part. Am I the only person in the world who sees something horribly wrong with this? I went to a local motorcycle shop and was able to order the needed part, it cost about sixty cents more, but the shipping cost is no where near the astronomical numbers being asked for from the site I visited.

Irritation Number Six: Lately, I have come across several articles about proper behavior in threesomes. Why does this irritate me? Because the volume of articles may lead one to believe that there are a lot of hotties out there waiting to explore their bi-side in a naughty, naked romp with some lucky dude and his woman. Yet, these women are no where to be found. Is there some conspiracy generated by the writers of Penthouse that seeks to convince everyone that sexy fun with multiples simultaneously is just around the corner? I think that is the case.

Irritation Number Seven: The heat. It is hot, damn hot. Too hot to fuck. Hopefully it will cool off tonight…



    1. The whole deal has gotten a bit ridiculous. Apparently, she is planning a porn career. That may be a nothing more than rumor, but if not, prepare to have her ass in your face again…only this time it will be a naked ass.

  1. 1) Can only be solved by an ass kicking. How old are these people? My 6-year-old niece does this to me every time I open my mouth to talk. I don’t kick her ass however, because she’s a child. Even though I do hate children in general and have wanted to drop kick more than I can keep track of. If an adult did this to me, I would probably just stop talking to them. I have dropped people for lesser sins, such as screeching along to Celine Dion’s Titanic songs in the car.

    2) Again, ass kicking.

    3) YES. I am so sick of this Casey Anthony shit. It appears that most of the people who were annoying me on Facebook about it have finally started to shut up and pay attention to their own children again, but from time to time at least one of them brings it up. I could not care less. I had not even heard of this person until that verdict, and even then I thought Casey was a dude. These people don’t actually care, they just are trashy enough to get caught up in the “fanfare” of a child’s death.

    4) Ass kicking.

    5) I totally agree. I bought a patch on Amazon which cost $6 and ended up paying $12. Granted, I had to do three-day shipping to get it here in time, but still it’s a fucking patch, it doesn’t weight that much. I could have sent that thing in a regular envelope for .45 cents or whatever a stamp costs nowadays.

    6) Well………Maybe there are more people looking for a third person than there are third persons? I certainly would not know where to find one.

    7) Air conditioning?

    1. I must get you some boxing gloves and foot guards for all of the ass kicking that you have scheduled. Save some for me!

      You know, I really do not understand the Casey Anthony thing. Apparently, it has been going on for some time, but I just heard about it after the trial it seems. Either I was not paying attention, or it was not really all that important.

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