trying… (via Stefania Koops's Blog)

It seems relationships may be the theme for the day.

One person can sometimes not be enough to maintain a friendship or a relationship. Effort can never be one sided. Two people have to make the effort. Two people have to agree on being in a relationship for the right reasons. Sometimes those reasons just aren't there. When you befriend someone you think that you can do anything and your friendship will know no bounds, that is not the case. In fact, it is hard enough being content with yourself let … Read More

via Stefania Koops's Blog



  1. Hmm…I relate more to the person on the other side of this, because I have an old friend that I have recently dumped for various reasons,, and she will not stop trying to contact me We really have grown apart, and probably only talk twice a year due to me not answering or calling back. But she will not take the hint, and I can’t be totally straightforward with her because she is super sensitive. Some people just can’t let go.

      1. Oh I’m sure it is. This person is just being overdramatically attached to me. However, in a normal situation, yes that would be hard. I don’t get too attached to most people though, because I have a horrible fear of rejection. There are very few people whom I would get upset about if I had to, for whatever reasons, cut them from my life.

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