Movie Dads Who My Dad Could Beat Up (via )

I loved this post. From the colorful references, to the Old School “Happy Dad” picture featured in the the title.

Movie Dads Who My Dad Could Beat Up – We've reached Father's Day and it's time for all of us to start thinking of dear old Dad. Each year around Father's Day, children tip their cap to their fathers by performing an annual rite of passage: handing over bad gifts to Dad, such as gaudy ties or "cute" coffee mugs that say things that your dad probably thought was stupid. In short, you honor him with something completely meaningless that somehow still honors the guy. And in that vein, … Read More




  1. Cute. That is a blog that took some planning and thought. Unlike mine, where I just open it and type whatever random vomit falls from my head. However, with that said, I prefer reading Mr. Rothechilde’s own words 😉

    1. I hate that saccharine smiley. My wink was not that dorky. I mean it could be, in person, I have no idea. But I didn’t intend it to be and I’ll be damned if I let that little jerk misrepresent me!

      1. Literary hackery? Who said that? I was trying to compliment you by saying I prefer reading yourself. Don’t get testy now! The koalas can easily be trained to eat meat. As for that fucking smiley, it’s a little twerp, just look at it all smug. I’d kick it’s ass if it had one.

      2. What is it with the talk of testes? I never tried to get any extra testes. I am a proud literary hack, and proud of my hackishness. Meat eating koalas? I am not too sure about that one, dearie.

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