Welcome to the Sanitarium?

This is a short post designed as a Public Service Announcement from the Executive Board of Directors of the Rothechilde Foundation from the Desk of Xavier A. S. Rothechilde, President of the Rothechilde Foundation.

What in the Hell was that all about. Really. This is the last time that I trust an intern to open a blog entry for me. “Make it a short salutation,” I said. “Keep it neat and clean,” I said. And instead, I get that horrible introductory yibber-yabber dog nuts that is outrageously pretension, even for myself.

But I have gone way beyond the intention of brevity for this posting. Basically, I wanted to make you aware of a new addition to my blog. Sister Constance, or Arabella, or whomever she claims she may be will appear from time to time to add her two cents to the world.

Treat her kindly, she is a vicious and vengeful Gemini.



  1. What’s funny is that after I read “treat her kindly” and before I got to the vicious part, I was thinking… “Fuck that, I will cut someone…” Anyway, thanks for having me along. I promise I won’t post about Harry Potter…. unless it’s relevant 😉

      1. Well there does exist sexually explicit Harry Potter fan fiction. There is also Harry Potter slash (haha) which is putting two characters together of the same sex, but I have seen some that were Snape and Hermione that were on slash sites. Anyway…yes, that’s all.

      2. You actively sought out Harry Potter porn? My dear, you are a nerd. A sexy, nerd, but a nerd nonetheless. Admittedly, your nerdly perversions have made me a bit curious, where would one find these titillating tales from Hogswort?

        P.S. Snape and Hermione? Really? Come on now, every knows the freakiest girls are in Slythern. They may even have intoxicating potions that can lead to an instant rave!

  2. I’ll try to find some if I can remember. Hermione is a goody two shoes nerd, but who knows what she’s REALLY like!

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