Tonight on Darkside Radio

Tonight’s show was definitely one of my best times. It is not like I played a particularly grand set. It is not like I strayed too far from my format to annoy some visitors. It is not even the perverse pleasure I took in playing The Sisters of Mercy and then mocking the Gothic stereotype that goes along with playing such songs.

No, the good time came in the tremendous ego boost I got from a couple of really hot chicas on Twitter during the show. I am totally beside myself. My narcissism is running amok and the tremendous bulge in my pants has been made moreso tremendous by the attention paid to your humble Xavier.

The encounter has driven me decide that I need to take new pictures for promotionals and for the sake of sharing my wonderful visage with others. However, I have a horrible problem. I hate having my image stolen by those soul capturing devices and I never know what exactly to do when posing for pictures. I feel cliche and oddish when posing on my own. Perhaps I need a photographer to take the pictures. I know a couple, maybe I need to look into this.

In other news, I have been unusually quiet (or so I have been told) on the killing of Osama bin Laden. To be honest, I have been quiet intentionally. I have my reasons.

I was accused of being unpatriotic the other day. I was not wearing red to honor the troops on a Friday. I did not know this was something that was to be done. More importantly, my entire wardrobe consists of varieties of black, white, and some tans for variation. I have a red shirt that I wore when I worked the stage at the Altered Skin Revolution, but a tee-shirt, black socks, and black shoes seem weird together. Besides, the shirt would look terrible with my suitcoat. I could wear workout gear, but then I would be tempted to work out, get sweaty and take naughty showers with some the hotties at the gym.

Well, I believe that I am about out of words for the time being. I really only intended to brag about the hotties who flattered me during my show earlier, but I ended up going on much longer than intended. Maybe I am a little tired (and a lot tipsy from the effects of the Green Faery). It is time for some bedtime antics. Then some sleep. Maybe.



  1. I was feeling very mud the same while gladly listening with good friends in honor of my mate’s birthday. As of midnight Pacific Standard Time, it is the celebration of his birth and Mothers nationwide. You are a handsome devil and if reminders is the only way to get on your “secret” photo list then I have a list to send you…

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