No Dye or Incredibly Lazy Saleswomen

I went to a local hair and beauty supply store earlier today. The plan was to get some dye for my lovely locks. Unfortunately, every dye that I picked out was a dye that would not work apparently. I am not sure whether the dyes would not actually work of if I was being casually dismissed by the horrible women that worked in the shop.

Dyeing my hair is a huge problem. For one, it is very dark. The main problem is the second issue: the density or thickness of the locks make rinsing any bleaching products out difficult so that any attempt to lighten my hair in order to dye it never fully gets rinsed out and my hair starts to break.

Oh well…



  1. There has to be some option. I will further look into this for you… and find out which car that bitch drives and put a jack-o-lantern with a knife stabbed into it’s head, holding in place a note reading “you”, on the hood of that car. Some people and their manners…

  2. “Thank you, I am glad that you appreciate my slice of the Internet.”

    That is what this comment said in its entirety a while back. However, I have the suspicion that the comment was spam: the link led to an inactive page and that made me a little paranoid. The individual stated that he liked this particular post and was bookmarking it for further usage, but I am still a bit curious about the whole deal…

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