Kids + jujitsu = Oy gevalt

In about thirty minutes, I will be off to perfom my duties as Foundation president, and jujitsu instructor. Typically, this would be a stress-free, exciting opportunity; I love jujitsu and love to teach it. However, this is a class full of children ranging from age five to age eleven. They have little to no discipline.

Unless I make the class an aerobic “karate” class, they kids lose focus and get chaotic. Since I went out training with senior-level students yesterday, I am not sure how much aerobic karate I am up for today.

C’est la vie. At least this cass is only an hour long.



  1. Have you ever considered going Ti Kwon Leep on the poor little bastards? Really… just have them meditate and when one gets disruptive just kick the little angel right in the head. It would make the hour much more entertaining, methinks. But that is just me now…

  2. Seeing as I hate children, you’re probably asking the wrong person. But also seeing as I am the only link to world of Catholicism, which is ironic, then I would assume no, that’s probably not going to work.

  3. That’s exactly the age range Princess Violetta Scourge of Des Moines is, and next year will be her introduction to the martial arts. I can imagine how frustrating and amusing it must be to watch the boundless energy of excitable adolescents; the grand birthday party for the princess was held but a month ago. Oy…

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