Month: March 2011

Frustrations abated…well, not really.

Greetings and Salutations! This may well be my inaugural entry on this here new blog. So far, I do not mind what I have going on here. However I am incredibly displeased with the text and page options. I guess I have to wonder exactly what it is that I expect from this particular venture.

Well, that is enough for now. Perhaps I will do a proper introduction after I have slept on this for a bit. Besides, I am missing an awesome history program on sexual behavior through the ages.



All that is left for this blog is to upload a decent picture. I am a little peeved that I am unable to access my old MySpace page; I wanted to move a few posts from that page to this one.

New App


So, here we have yet another test of a blogging app. This one seems to be pretty cool, however the text is a bit small.

Apparently, one van adjust the position of pictures and alter the layout of blog posts with this app.

I just attached a picture to my post. Unfortunately, the picture seems to go where it wants to go instead of going where I want it to go. I shall have to practice with this app a little bit more methinks. That or stick with the other app; I appreciate the arrangement of pics with that one a great deal more (although it is not much better than this one.

Addendum: If I want these pictures to have a format, I may have to add my pictures later, it seems. However, I am still unhappy with the “boxy paragraph”-ish look adding pictures seems to take. I guess I will have to spend more time on the formatting.


…for now. My posts are showing up online as posts and not drafts. I am still unaware what is going on between this account and Twitter, but I am not too concerned with that yet.

While I hate that content warning at the that pops up when I go to see my blog, I so believe that the warning is more than necessary. I do have a romantic attachment to profanity at times.

I have decided that I am beginning to enjoy writing once again. Maybe the Muse had returned…

An upgrade of my blogging format is definitely needed. I think I may try WordPress and another Webhost (is that one or two words? I do not believe that I care enough to check that right now).

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Yet Another Test

And here is yet another test of the iPhone-as-a-blog tool.

Up until five minutes ago, I could only save drafts from this accursed iPhone app; the software kept attempting to post to Facebook and/or save each post as a draft. Changing the settings to de-activate FB seems to have worked.

Now, I have turned on Twitter; I am curious to see what happens now…

I apologize to any who may have come across these ramblings. I do have more interesting things o come. However, my OCD demands that I “make my bed” before I write in it.

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…did I decide to take this chemistry class? Were it not for this exercise in mental cruelty, I could be at home watching “Mythbusters” or napping.

I have a bit of stomach upset; however, I shall have to deal with that a bit later. For now, it is off to the remainder of class. If I did not believe that it would totally kill my grade, I would leave like the rest of the class did after finishing the test.

With my luck as it is today, I will probably be the only one who stays for lecture.

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